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    Format Painter



      Format Painter


      FileMaker Pro


      12 and earlier

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      The feature of Format Painter is very limited. You highlight an object, select Format Painter, and apply to another single object. It would be nice if I select a chosen format and then be able to apply to multiple objects of the same nature.

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               Hi Oliver,

               You can do it. There are many ways but i suggest this :

               Select one object that contain the format to replicate.

          Double-clic on painter button to lock it.

               Then, clic on all objects you want to modify (you can also draw a rectangle with you mouse to select contiguous objects).

               I hope it will help.

               Bye, fred

          PS : Sorry but i think you posted on wrong section. You should better choose Product Feedback tab (Feature Requests) or FM Forum tab but not Report an issue (Bugs).