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fp7 file will not open in fp11

Question asked by MarissaS on Jul 8, 2010
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fp7 file will not open in fp11


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X Snow Lepord

Description of the issue

After upgrading to Snow Lepord, my FP7 database would no longer run properly. So I upgraded to FP11.  One of my files opened fine in FP11, but now my other FP7 database, on an external harddrive, will not open in it.  Instead I get a message that the database was not closed properly and needs a consistency check.  It gets to Step 6 of 17 and then freezes (the program no longer responds and must be forced closed).

However, whenever I go to open the same on my other computer still running fp7, it runs without any problems. (Please note that this file is 8GB.)  Any help would be appreciated.

Expected result

File should open.

Actual result

Program eventually freezes and a force quite is required.