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      french language

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      Hi I use FM9A in french language under Windows Vista system.When copying text from FM and pasting it Open Office or Word or other text editor (that are are configured in French.),  these programs recognize it as English text. So every time I paste text from FM, I have to convert it into French.with French colleagues of FM source we come to the conclusion that the French version is only in appearance, because the text is formatted Ansi lang1033 , so English (USA) (we checked it with a hex editor). Is it possible to overcome this disadvantage  a Fm user

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          Thank you for your post.


          I cannot duplicate the problem.  This is what I have done:


          1. I created a table with one text field (TEXT).


          2. I entered "Champs-Élysées - Place de l'Étoile"


          3. I copied and pasted this into TextEdit without a problem.


          4. I quit FileMaker Pro and changed my system from English to French.


          5. I launched FileMaker Pro, created a new database with one text field and entered the same information.


          6. I opened TextEdit and pasted the information without a problem.


          FileMaker is Unicode, so it should handle this properly  Is there something else I can try here to duplicate the problem?



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            I think Eric was saying that text copied from FM into a RTF editor (including MS Office or OOo) is tagged as English (RTF lang tag defined as 1033, which means English).

            TextEdit is not a good example because you can't define a language for each paragraph.

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              Hi and thanks to Fabrice to explain with me this phenomenon

              textdit actually is not a good example. Text copied from FM and past is recognized by the editors as English text and therefore it is not corrected.

              I said that colleagues of the forum French FM (FM source) reproduce the same phenomenon (Fabrice and others :smileywink::smileywink:): the text editors like Open Office, Microsoft Office or abiword interpreted as all the English text instead of french.

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                as if you say if  the characters are encoded in Unicode in FM, it is also possible that it comes from a particular interpretation of the system via the clipboard (Vista). However, some Mac OS X would also (perhaps not mac OSX4?)
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                  Thanks for the information.  I have forwarded this entire thread to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments so they can review it.  If any information becomes available, I will let you know.



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                    Hi and thanks TSGal