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From Filemaker Pro Advanced to Filemaker Go

Question asked by soledadcartagena on May 4, 2014
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From Filemaker Pro Advanced to Filemaker Go


FileMaker Pro



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Windows 8

Description of the issue

I`m a totally new Filemakeruser so I would like some advice. I´m going to make a database/bookcatalogue for a client. He wants to have a bookcatalogue of his 1000 books and his is going to have an Ipad in his library with the data. I have made a simple database in Filemaker Pro Advanced and I have used my PC (Windows 8). My quetions are:

1) Can I just transfer the database to my clients Ipad without changing anything or do I have to change the Theme to Touch (for example SemiRounded River - Touch) Before transfering the database to an Ipad?

2) I want to make a simple bookcatalogue (a so called flat file database. Is it important to have different tables and separate the database? To make relationships?

3) My client wants to have photos of the bookcovers. Can I take photos from the Ipad. I mean, can I just make a container and take a photo and just put it inte container directly?

I hope you understand my questions.

Thank you.