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Frustrating subsummary bug

Question asked by scottworld on Oct 18, 2011
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Frustrating subsummary bug


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X 10.6.8

Description of the issue

This is a huge FileMaker bug that dates as far back as FMP 5.0. I really wish that FMI would fix this bug, because it makes it impossible for us to use FileMaker.

I have a very simple subsummary report that I'm trying to create. You can see how dead simple it is by looking at the attached screenshot of my report layout.

My body part is set to "allow part to break across page boundaries", and the ONLY FIELD that I've placed in my body part is set to "slide up based on all objects above" and "also resize enclosing part".

In theory, I should be able to make the body (field & part) as large as I want, and FileMaker will slide up the field & the part.

However, if I make the body part larger than about 300 pixels tall, suddenly the report starts randomly page breaking before some of my subsummary parts!

The first leading subsummary part  is set to page break before each occurrence, but FileMaker just decides to randomly page break on its own before random subsummaries based on the 2nd leading subsummary part. This leaves gigantic areas of emptiness on pages in the report, sometimes leaving pages of the report that are mostly emptiness.

Even when I removed page breaking altogether from the first subsummary part, FileMaker STILL page breaks randomly on its own! That's right -- even when I tell FileMaker to NOT page break ANY of the parts, FileMaker still page breaks on its own randomly and in weird locations.

However, the smaller I make the body part, the better FileMaker reacts. For example, if I make the body part only 35 pixels high, then the report acts perfectly… just like it should! As long as the body part is kept very very small, then FileMaker acts like a good citizen, with 100% accuracy.

But the thing is that I need to keep that body part large. Ideally, I need that body part to be about 800 pixels high, because I may have typed in a lot of text into that one field for a bunch of records. And as soon as I start making the body part larger, all havoc breaks loose.