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    FTS Advance 13 (training Manual)



      FTS Advance 13 (training Manual)


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      I would like to seek clarification for

      1. Page 105 (2-79). Exercise 7.1. "....  fmgo_development.pdf.... What happens when you Double-click the field?". Should it be ".... double-click the file?"

      Please advise me if I can use this forum page / location for this feedback.

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               James Ho:

               Thank you for your post.

               The information is correct.  If we say "double-click the file", it is not clear if this means double-click the file embedded in the field, or double-click the original file on your computer that was inserted.

               The following paragraph also references double-clicking the field after inserting the file as a reference.

               Feel free to report any other issues on this forum.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Please allow me to continue to use this thread for additional clarification on the FTS 13 Advance as I do not want to create many thread for the same issue. If it is not allowed, please let me know so I can create new thread.

                 I found this statement which I don't understand if I follow it to lesson 2 and lesson 6.

                 It is found on page 152 (3-12) :

                 "You will learn much more about applying a themes' styles to object in lesson 2 and creating custom themes and saving styles in Lesson 6."


            But lesson 2 (page 2-17) is Data Modeling - Identifying Relationships and lesson 6 (page 2-59)  is Field Storage and Indexing respectively as extracted from the training guide directly. I find no link between these 2 lesson and the above statement about theme and style.

                 Please help me to understand if I am missing something. 

                 Thank you.


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                   James Ho:

                   Each Module was to have it's own lesson numbers.  In the end, the Lessons encompassed all Modules, and we did not catch the misprint on page 3-12.    Therefore, Lesson 2 in Module 3 would be Lesson 11 (page 3-22 to be exact), and Lesson 6 in Module 3 would be Lesson 15 (page 3-109).

                   Feel free to continue posting to this thread as you encounter other misprints and or need clarification.

                   FileMaker, Inc.