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      Funny how FileMaker Inc. thought that everyone wanted type-ahead in scripts (um, no, nobody really cared one way or another), and that nobody would mind if they removed hundreds upon hundreds of very useful features from the previous 13 versions of FileMaker. Big mistake, FileMaker. We have told all of our clients to stay on FileMaker version 13, and we will never develop in FileMaker 14.

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          We've been asking for a text editor for scripts for years. This one is the closest to that yet--though a more simple text editor format would have been more to my taste. I find the type ahead a quite useful time saver--exactly as advertised.

          Granted the bugs also introduced with the new workspace need to be fixed--the "jumping script lines" bug renders it dangerously unusable. But "no one really cared.." ? that's very far from the case!

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            It took me a while to accustom with, but i now have difficulties when i switch back to older script editor wink.

            However, it is very true that the bugs and unfinished dialogs leave us with a strange taste of half-baked feature.

            The better example to me is Data Viewer, when you are testing formulas.

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              Many developers didn't care, but many have been requesting a more text editor-like environment.  I was envisioning something more like a text document where we could just type (albeit with typeahead) just like in other languages... with the ability to copy/paste sections to archive to a non-FM text document, add indents on wrapped lines, search "end brackets" or literal text, have fully colorized settings, etc.  So for me, it is the half-baked hybrid that slows me down and makes me prefer 13.  Once it fully works as the designers designed (15?), I hope that it actually will give us both efficiency and flexibility.  14 provides a good proof-of-concept model for the product team to build upon, and 13 still does everything we need and more.

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                And I'm expected to pay +- $400.00 CDN for an update with several half baked features? I've already had a look at the pre-release (expires) and I figure I'll take a pass for now. Especially since my main desktop machine won't run it. Other machines will, but I'll pass until updates or version 15.

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                  In complement of what i said 2 posts ago which i maintain, i must clarify that script and calcs writing, after a bit of mind-adaptation, is much far faster than before. In itself it justify the update cost to me. What is FUNNY is when i heard this request in the past, i doubted of it, since it was to me one of FileMaker DNA marker to… clic-coding wink.

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                    My memory is not reliable that far back, but I suspect that requests for a text editor type scripting interface go back to about FileMaker 3--I do recall developers asking for this back on the old FileMaker ListServ for FSA members so it took them a long time to get here and then didn't quite push it across the finish line. Which is definitely disappointing when you compare to something like the VBA script editor that is found in MS Access and which has been in the standard MS Access for many, many years...

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                      I will post this again as its own thread when DevCon gets closer, but I think it is imperative that every single developer who is attending DevCon to pull Dominique Goupil aside and let him know about our grave disappointment in FileMaker 14. Nothing is really going to ever change unless we all emphatically bombard him with communication during DevCon about this very rushed & very disjointed release of the product. It is up to all of us to make a difference by putting pressure on Dominique and communicating clearly with him about this.