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Get ( ApplicationVersion ) is null on IWP Client

Question asked by TimShepherd on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by TSBear


Get ( ApplicationVersion ) is null on IWP Client


FileMaker Pro


11.03 Advanced

Operating system version

MacOS 10.66

Description of the issue

Setting $$Client_Application_Type using Get( ApplicationVersion ) in a script is returning empty. On FM Client, correctly identifies "ProAdvanced".

Its like the check is being entirely ignored when I do the following

If [( PatternCount($$Client_Application_Type,"web")]
    PerformScript ["Login Web Client"]
End If

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have verified via a Field that Get( ApplicationVersion )is returning no result when viewed in a web client.

Also, IsEmpty($$Client_Application_Type) is also ignored.

Expected result


Actual result

Invalid result, null.