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Get ( ModifiedFields ) doesn't return a correct result in separation-model

Question asked by disabled_menno on Mar 17, 2014
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Get ( ModifiedFields ) doesn't return a correct result in separation-model


FileMaker Pro


Advanced 13.0.1

Operating system version

Windows 8.1

Description of the issue

This function never returns a result in separation-model.

PMJ answered in another discussion:
that using a onexit-scripttrigger to show a dialog with the result of Get ( ModifiedFields ) would yield a list of modified field and calculated field as a result of changes of the current an uncommitted record.
However the filemaker-help doesn't mention the calculation fields, instead that says: "Returns a list of fields that have been modified in the current record of the current table."

This function shows in my (data-/interface-separated) solution only a lot of ¶ as result in any script that's called before a record is commited.

Steps to reproduce the problem

A solution where data and interface are separated

Use Get ( ModifiedFields ) in any script or scripttrigger whilst the current record has been changed ( Get(RecordOpenState) in the same script results in 1 or 2).

Expected result

get a ¶ delimited list of fieldnames that have (or are going to have) changed content in the current layout's tableoccurrence

Actual result

A lot of ¶ (it looks like depending on the amount of actually affected non local fields) but no fieldname at all

("Non local fields" mean: field from the tableoccurrence that the layout is based on, that is actually situated in another file. So it is the local table and not a related table.)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

This solution runs with data and interface separated. So the table is not local, however it works as a local table in any other aspect.


un-(data/interface)seperate my solution, which is not an option of course. This function would be the only one to require that in order to work, which is a bit odd.

For now I use my old script that makes a kind of snapshot of the content of the current record, which I check against changes before committing it.