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    Get ( SystemIpAddress ) slow in FM 10 and Snow Leopard



      Get ( SystemIpAddress ) slow in FM 10 and Snow Leopard

      Description of the issue

      I've just upgraded to Snow Leopard and an audit log function we've been using has changed from taking less than a second to nearly a minute. It took a while to track it down, but it is a problem with the Get ( SystemIpAddress ) function. The custom function that forms the log output recursively goes through the field list and evaluates the IP Address for each field audited, which is why it took a minute. It still takes about 2 seconds to execute each call. I proved this by opening up the data viewer and evaluating the function from there. I compared this to FMA10 running on OSX 10.5 and it was instantaneous. I've resolved our problem by rewriting the custom function around the IP Address issue and removing auto calculated fields that used the get function, but I believe this is an issue that FMI should look into. Thank You. OS: Mac OSX 10.6.1Client: FileMaker Advanced 10.0v3Server: FileMaker Server Advanced 10.0v2 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Currently, I am unable to duplicate the problem.  I have created a script that replaces information in a Text field using a Get (SystemIPAddress) function.  With 100 records, it took less than a second on both Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Mac OS X 10.6.1.


          Since you mentioned in your last line "FileMaker Server Advanced 10.0v2", are these file being hosted?  If so, does the client have any other applications running?  Anything else you can provide to help me duplicate the problem would be appreciated.



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            Thanks for replying promptly. To answer your questions:


            The files were being hosted, but I've also tried with the files locally with the same results. Additionally, I have gone into the data viewer in the watch tab and typed in Get ( SystemIPAddress ) and there's a 2 to 3 second delay before the addresses are returned. I also had a colleague who's also on OSX 10.6.1 do all the steps I did (served, local, and data viewer), and he had the same results. I'm using a MacBook Pro 2.8ghz with 4gb memory, the other computer is a MacBook 2.4ghz. The only other thing that might cause a difference is that we're both running Australian system settings.




            I've just closed all applicatioms, dragged out all plugins and fired up FMA 10.0v3, called up the data viewer with no files open and typed Get(SystemIPAddress) and it still takes a few seconds - the Evaluate button stays blue until the results are returned.

            I've repeated this with FMA 9.0v3 with the same results.

            Strangely enough when running FMA 8.0v3, the results are returned immediately.