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Get functions should be part of "All functions by name"

Question asked by scottworld on Sep 26, 2014
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Get functions should be part of "All functions by name"


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One of the longest-standing bugs & annoyances in all versions of FileMaker Pro, going back dozens of years, is within any "specify calculation" dialog box.

Whenever you choose "All Functions By Name", it always HIDES the "Get" functions.

Long-time FileMaker developers know this, but new FileMaker developers are very confused by this!

It says "ALL FUNCTIONS by Name" -- that implies ALL FUNCTIONS, not SOME FUNCTIONS!

What makes this issue even worse is that when you choose "All Functions By Type", the "Get" functions DO show up!!! But when you switch to "All Functions By Name", the "Get" functions disappear again!!

So the "Get" functions show up when you choose "All Functions By Type", but they are HIDDEN when you choose "All Functions By Name". This makes absolutely zero sense.

Yes, I know that we can also choose "Get Functions" from the pop-up list. I am a seasoned FileMaker developer and I know all the various ways to get to the "Get Functions", but why is FileMaker Inc. confusing new developers like this?

If it says "All Functions By Name", then it needs to list ALL FUNCTIONS by name.

Otherwise, FileMaker needs to rename it to say "SOME FUNCTIONS By Name".