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get(AccountName) matches case of login, not Account Name

Question asked by DanielKaan on Feb 18, 2015
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get(AccountName) matches case of login, not Account Name


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac & PC

Description of the issue

The get(AccountName) function returns the text as entered in the login dialog box rather than the Account Name as specified in File > Manage > Security > Accounts

Steps to reproduce the problem

Define a user called "Fred Nurk" (Proper Case), login in as "fred nurk" (lower case). Then call the get(AccountName) function.

Expected result

"Fred Nurk"

Actual result

"fred nurk"


I had a multiuser flagging system where the account name of every user who had the record flagged was stored in a return delimited field. I was using the

   substitute( flagnames ; "¶" & Get(AccountName) & "¶"; "¶" )

function to remove names from this list. This was failing in circumstances where the user had logged in using another case, because the substitute() function is case sensitive (which is as it should be) but the get(AccountName) returned inappropriate data.

I have worked around this by forcing everything to lowercase, but this should be unnecessary and I am sure others have had this issue but not gotten to the bottom of it.

The fact that get(AccountName) should return anything other than how the Account Name is defined in Security is counter intuitive and will cause problems for other developers too.  Please change the result of Get(AccountName) to match the Account Name with case to match how the account is set up in Security, not what the user typed at login.