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Get(TemporaryPath) problem

Question asked by RickWhitelaw on Mar 2, 2010
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Get(TemporaryPath) problem

Description of the issue

PMPA 10v3Mac OS X 10.6.2 After puzzling about the incorrect info in the help file regarding the path the function returns, I found a KB article that explained that Get(TemporaryPath) returned: /My Drive/private/var/folders/4D/4DANsW03HG0DdU1dyriORE+++TI/Cleanup At Startup/S10/.This presents a problem when scripting in many environments (I suspect) but certainly from a bash shell. "Cleanup At Startup" has spaces in the name, and although, when FM is running (and the Temp Path exists), I can "Go to Folder" from Finder and get to the right directory, shell scripts choke and I'm almost certain it's because of the spaces. Looking around at directories in "var" I'm hard pressed to find a name with spaces. It would be a good idea to have this Temp directory named "Cleanup_At_Startup". With spaces, the shell script throws an error at the first space. Directory" ./ /./ .etc. . .Cleanup" does not exist. I could script the creation of the directory with the underscores, but FM numbers the final "S" itself, so I'm thinking it would be futile. What I'm trying to do: Print pdf documents from the TemporaryPath via shell scripting (calculated Applescript "do shell script"). .FMPA saves the pdf files properly but the path cannot be accessed by Unix. This all works fine using the Desktop as a destination (no spaces) but requires the "lpr-r" option to automatically delete the file. I want to avoid this by using the TemporaryPath. The directory naming should not include spaces. RW