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    GetThumbnail Not Working?



      GetThumbnail Not Working?


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

      Description of the issue

      I have a container field named tempImage, set to have a calculated value of:

      GetThumbnail(tempImage; 500; 500)

      However, when I drag a larger size image into that field, the image does not get resized.

      How can I fix this?

      The "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" checkbox is unchecked.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Assign calculated value of:

      GetThumbnail(tempImage; 500; 500)

      ...to container field. Drag and drop an image larger than 500px wide into Container.

      Please see this video:

      Expected result

      Reduced size image.

      Actual result

      No change in image size.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message is received.

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               Vik -

               Thank you for your message.

               I am unable to reproduce the issue you are reporting.  In my tests I am able to both paste a large image as well as drag and drop a large image into a container field and then copy it out (into Preview) and have the "thumbnail" image dimensions show properly.  

               Other than not using Photoshop as my final resting place, I did pretty much everything you did.

               Can you reproduce this in another (new) file and/or reproduce this with other graphics files?

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 The database is being hosted on WebDirect. Could that be preventing GetThumbNail from working?

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              The database is being hosted on WebDirect. Could that be preventing GetThumbNail from working?

                   Perhaps...but just to confirm, the movie example you provided shows that you are using FileMaker Pro Advanced as your client.  Did you mean the file is being hosted with FileMaker Server?

                   I'd have to try this example using FileMaker WebDirect as the client but I suspect it will work too.

                   A quicker test might be you trying it on a local file with your copy of FileMaker Pro Advanced and see if it works, and assuming it does, try hosting the same file using FileMaker Server and then try and reproduce it using FileMaker Pro Advanced as a client or FileMaker WebDirect as the client.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Thanks for your advice. 

                     The database is being hosted on a distant server for WebDirect access.  I am accessing it through FileMaker Pro Advanced as shown in the video.

                     Per your request, I created a local database with one table and one field, a container field called TestImage, with the same Calculated Value code.  I dragged an image into the container. I then created an FM script called anomalyTest with the command:

                      Set Variable[$$checkWidth; Value:GetWidth(FM_anomaly::testImage)]

                     Even though this is a local file, $$checkWidth was assigned a value of 1320. This appears to indicate that GetThumbnail isn't working yet on my system. What could possibly be causing this? 

                     A copy of this test database can be downloaded at this link:


                     Thanks very much in advance!




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                       Quick testing indicates that Self doesn't work here - explicitly referencing the field in the formula seems to fix it.

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                         Vik -

                         Thank you for your sample file.

                         Sure enough, it does not work with the image you are using.  But if I delete the image you supplied and used one of mine, it works as expected.

                         What image type / format are you using?  Does it work better if you use other file formats?

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Fascinating! The file is a .png created using Mavericks' screen-shot command, accessed via command-shift-4.

                           I tried using a .png from Microsoft Office Clip Art, and it resized to 500px!

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                             Vik -

                             I cannot reproduce this with a screen shot PNG using either my test file or the file I downloaded from you.  In both cases it resizes as expected when I paste it into Preview.

                             The good news is it is working, the bad news is that for some reason it is not working with certain PNG files on your system.  I have not heard of any specific reports about this not working and the fact that I did the same thing (using Mavericks) indicates that it should work.

                             Do you happen to have access to another Mavericks machine where you could try this?  Perhaps there is a utility or process or something that is causing the screen shots to be formatted differently on your system which in turn is making them not work well with FileMaker Pro.

                             FileMaker, Inc.

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                               I will look into this and report back.

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                            Going in the way-back machine here.  But I was just recently struggling with this same issue, but I believe that I found the answer.


                            The function "GetThumbNail()" appears to be completely disabled if the file is configured to 'Generate and store thumbnails for images" is TURNED OFF.  It will be re-enabled if that setting is turned on.


                            This setting is in File -> Manage -> Containers [Thumbnails].


                            I was having this problem in an existing file.  Using this formula as an AE calc, with 'do not replace...' turned off:  GetThumbnail ( Self ; 120 ; 300 )


                            It wasn't working.  I started a brand new file, put a container field in it, used that same formula - boom, it worked!  Then I was reading something about the file setting for 'Generate...' and decided to check it.  In my existing file it was turned OFF.  In the new file it was turned ON.  I was able to get the old file working by enabling this setting.  In the new file I could also enable/disable the functionality of this AE calc by setting/unsetting this checkbox.  (The FM documentation states that this option defaults to ON when making a new file.)


                            So, that seems to be the root of my problem anyway.  It seems strange, though, that this function would stop working based on a file setting.

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                              This bug (I think it's a bug) is still happening in FMPA 16.02.  I started an issue report:  "GetThumbnail()" malfunctioning if 'Containers->Store thumbnails' is disabled

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