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Getting error from DDR:  SAXParseException: expected end of tag 'LayoutCatalog'

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Oct 10, 2011
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Getting error from DDR:  SAXParseException: expected end of tag 'LayoutCatalog'


FileMaker Pro


11.0v3, Advanced

Operating system version

Windows 7 and Mac OSX

Description of the issue

When creating a DDR on a database it comes up with the error:

SAXParseException: expected end of tag 'LayoutCatalog'

This happens when choosing HTML output.  If XML output is chosen it doesn't give an error during the generation of the report, but the XML file won't load in many XML editors because it complains that the there is an error in the document structure. 

There are a few forum entries for a similar issue where the error message says "Invalid character".  There is a bug report related to that issue, but this doesn't quite appear to be the same.  (I suppose that the invalid character might be creating the issue at the root, but if so it isn't being correctly flagged here in the error message.)  Related to this, yes, many things have been cut and pasted into many different areas.  (Any hints on narrowing down the search, though, would be appreciated.)

I have narrowed it down to the "Layouts" category (big surprise, I know).  If I leave that category DE-selected, I don't get the error.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open DB
Tools ->  Database Export
Select only the DB in question
Select only LAYOUTS
Select HTML output (or XML; see description)
Wait for error to pop up during export...

Expected result

A valid XML file.  :)

Actual result

An invalid file. 

If, as one person mentioned in a posting, you examine the .TMP file in the temp directory listed, there isn't anything glaringly obvious.  What I did find, however, is that at the point mentioned in the error it is transitioning from one

tag to a new one:  .  The error message mentions that this is where the was expected to be terminated, though.  There is a tag much further down in the file, though.

Doing a search UP from that point, however, reveals that there is no OPENING tag that matches that closing tag at that point.  Actually, there are NO opening tags at all above that point in the file.  (I am guessing that this is why the XML editors complain about the document structure.)

(Side note:  As you can see on the screen capture, the error message on a Windows system doesn't display the entire file name.  There are only 3 or four files there, though, and it is the largest file (115MB in my case - yikes!).  This is hard to search through to try and find the problem.)

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

See screen capture.  Even then it is only a partial message (see side note above).


None found.