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Getting Find to return a date within a range of dates

Question asked by Brin on Dec 18, 2009
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Getting Find to return a date within a range of dates

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My Archive Index in FMP is intended to direct us to the physical box in which certain types of records are stored. In some cases, such as a series of correspondence, each Record in FMP is of a number of individual physical items within a range of dates, e.g. "Bishop Smith's letters to Fr Jones 1880-1905" (it being too time-consuming to enter the date of every individual letter). If someone comes to us and says, I want a letter from Bishop Smith to Fr Jones written in 1885, is there a way of configuring a Find so that FMP can understand that the single-year Date search-term falls within a date-range defined by (Start) Year and End Year fields ? thus bringing up the Record that tells us that the letter will be in such-and-such a box ? Obviously, using the names of Bishop Smith and Fr Jones as search terms will return that record but it might also return a lot of others, and our hypothetical enquirer does not know the date-range that we have entered.I suppose one could just start with a ">1850" term in the Start Year field, and "