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Glitch in Value Lists

Question asked by SethSantoro on Jan 28, 2011
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Glitch in Value Lists


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro 11.0v2

Operating system version

MAC OS X 10.5.8

Description of the issue

I am in the process of creating a field, (pop-up and value list) that produces:

Full Name, Title, Company.

We have assets (videos/pics) that we need to state who the "Team Members" are that helped on the production.  I would LOVE to put them all in one field.

It won't do it!

Steps to reproduce the problem

1)  I have one "Asset" Library (Layout: Asset Library #1)...with 6-8 records.  Each record contains Asset Title, Asset Company, etc....including "Team Members".

2)  I have another "Contact Management" Library (Layout: CM Library) with 266 records wherein i imported the records from another database (unrelated)...and those records include only:  CompanyID, Title, Division, Full Name, Phone, Email, and Credits.  Under the Credits field, i have inserted the following "Calculation":

Full Name & "," & " " & Title & "," & " " & CompanyID
which perfectly produces: Jane Doe, Director, ABC Inc.

3)  So, under the "Team Members" field, i have created a Value List, called "Name, Title, Company".  Under the "Use Values from Field", i have specified "CM Library: Credits" ...and i have made sure to check "Include All Records".

4)  Once i click OK and save everything...and leave Layout Mode, i review the options...and only see 5 records....what???

Expected result

ALL 266 entries...

Alan Buckwald, Director, 123 Corporation
Daffy Duck, CEO, ABC Corporation

Actual result

I only receive 5 or 6 items to choose from:

Ana Buckwald, Director, WB 27
Bugs Bunny, CIO, Mun2
Babs Bunny, CPO, ABC 2Corp
Buster Bunny, ABCD 24 Inc.

and that's produces results with: one character " " (space) and "2".  No other of the 266 contacts are included.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No errors appear...

Configuration information

again, just that the field ONLY pulls those records with a "space" and "2"....weird, no?


The only work around i have found is to separate the 3 Fields into 3 distinct Value Lists:

Name and Title (First Field, only first value shows)
Title and Name (Second Field, only first value shows)
Company and Name (Third Field, only first value shows)