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Global does not allow entry even though not locked

Question asked by Crispin on May 10, 2010
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Global does not allow entry even though not locked

Description of the issue

FMPA 11 talking to FMS9 over WAN (both Mac) I have a list view with a global field using a drop down menu in the header to select a number of preset finds. There is a script trigger attached to the layout and the field so that when the page is loaded or the field changed the correct list is found/displayed. This is working just fine but I've discovered that if I manually scroll down a long list too much I get locked out of the selector field. However long I wait I cannot any longer select with the menu. If I change layouts and return all is fine. My feeling is that when I scroll out of a certain range the field is locked while the data is obtained from the server and then not released when the scroll update is complete.I've tried this on a PC and the result is the same. I have also noticed that when I scroll back up the field can now be entered. In my last test I scrolled by clicking under the scroll bar to scroll an exact screens worth of data. On the first click all was fine on my second it locked. My display shows 24 records at a time. I mentioned the script triggers so you would understand the setup but I don't think they are the issue as there is no script in pause when the lock occurs and if I turn on the script debugger no script is seen as being triggered when I scroll. The issue can also be seen if I scroll with the mouse.