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Global pop-up in headers useless

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Aug 12, 2010
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Global pop-up in headers useless


FileMaker Pro


FMP 10 and 11 - worked in vs. 9

Operating system version

Windows XP Professional

Description of the issue

How long are we going to go without the functionality we had with vs. 9 on this:


It is ridiculous that FMI has blown off this one.  It is very important that we have the ability to use pop-ups in headers.  Just because we can create convoluted work-arounds doesn't mean that we should have to.

And all the existing functionality broke in everyone's systems when they moved to newer version.

FMI acknowledge this.  We are preparing to move to 11 (we skipped 10 completely because of all the bugs in it) but 11 has it as well.  We will need to spend many hours repair all of our pop-ups because of this bug.

When will this be fixed?