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Go 13.0.4 Randomly Entering Find/Kiosk Mode upon exiting app hibernation

Question asked by lednext on Jun 17, 2014
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Go 13.0.4 Randomly Entering Find/Kiosk Mode upon exiting app hibernation


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7+

Description of the issue

We have a database thats currently hosted on a Windows Server 2008 machine running FM Server 12. When re-opening the database from the iPhone Go application (exiting hibernate app state), the top toolbar's colors will invert, and no records are displayed on the currently viewed layout, similar to when entering find mode. No entered/modified data is saved, but tapping/triggering any navigational scripts causes the mode to revert to browse mode. This seems to occur randomly (but increasingly often), with both Full Access and custom privileges sets. There are no trigger scripts set on a file level, or layout level, involving entering find mode. All database scripts have been checked to ensure there are no Enter Find Mode steps without a matching Perform Find or Exit Script step. Furthermore, the issue only seems to occur on iPhones, not iPads or the Mac desktop version.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Open Remote database.
2. Press home button
3. Let app enter hibernation
4. Re-open app
5. After reconnecting, top toolbar's colors invert, as if entering find mode. No previously viewed records are shown.


Running any navigational / find scripts