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Go To Next Field initialization

Question asked by Richly on Jun 11, 2010
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Go To Next Field initialization

Description of the issue

I'm new to FileMaker Pro. Using FM11 on Windows XP SP3.In a script, I've tried the following (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):  Go to Field [T1::F3]  Go to Next Fieldwhere field F1 is the field assigned tab order 1, F2 is tab order 2, etc. (I've left out the code setting variables to field names that shows what's happening and the looping that was supposed to step through all the fields.)The result is that the active field starts at F3, as expected, but the next field is F1 and not F4. From the documentation, Go to Next Field moving to F1 is what I would expect if I hadn't done the Go to Field before it.  It's as though the Go to Field did not initialize something it should have.  What am I missing?