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Go to Next Record script issue in FileMaker 10

Question asked by doctorvandermast on Jan 7, 2009
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Go to Next Record script issue in FileMaker 10

Description of the issue

I have a FileMaker solution I've been working on that I have just moved into my brand-new FileMaker 10 Pro Advanced. Now the button that is set to Go to Next Record is misbehaving.  Unless you wait a period of time between clicks, FileMaker 10 will skip an occasional record. When I open the same solution in FileMaker 9 Pro Advanced it doesn't happen, the button behaves perfectly. Clicking on the icon in the status area and the keyboard command for Go to Next Record work perfectly in both FM9 and FM10.  Only the button-script shows the problem. Seems strange to me that such a basic action as Go to Next Record would do this. I wonder if anyone else has see this.  It's hard to notice unless you watch carefully.  I only noticed it because the picture in the skipped record flashes briefly during the skip. 24" Intel iMacMac OS X Version 10.5.6 BTW, when I clicked on the forum's Check Spelling before making this post it flagged FileMaker as an unknown word and suggested filmaker as its replacement. Very funny!