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Go to Object fails if the object is a field with a repetition other than 1

Question asked by shearn on Mar 2, 2011
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Go to Object fails if the object is a field with a repetition other than 1


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.5.8

Description of the issue

I have two fields on a layout. They happen to be the same field but one is showing repetition 1 and the other is showing repetition 2. Each field is configured with its own object name. A script (or button) that is defined to Go to Object will go to the field showing repetition 1 but will fail with error 102 when trying to go to the repetition 2 object. After keeping the object names the same but switching the repetition on these two fields, the script still can only access the repetition 1 object.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a file, create one field with 2 or more repetitions. Add the field to a layout. Duplicate the field and change the repetition to show rep 2. Give each field a unique object name. Create a button to perform a Go to Object step, specifying the object name of the first field. Create another button performing the same action but specify the object name of the second field.

Go to Browse mode, click the first button. Click the second button.

Expected result

Clicking each button should go to the named object.

Actual result

The button action defined to go to the object with repetition 2 will fail.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

when run in a script, the script debugger returns error 102.

Configuration information



Don't use fields with repetitions other than 1.