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Go To Related Record: Does not switch to layout specified if no records found

Question asked by slemson on Jul 13, 2009
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Go To Related Record: Does not switch to layout specified if no records found

Description of the issue

I just discovered something that caused me a huge problem. FileMaker Product(s) involvedFMPro 10 Mac is all I've tried this on Operating System(s) involvedMac OS X 10.5.7, perhaps others.  Untested.Detailed description of the issueGo To Related Records script step does not switch to the specified layout if no related records exist. Exact steps to reproduce the issue1. Create two tables (Table A and Table B) and relate one to the other.2. Create a portal on Table A's layout with records from Table B but leave Table B empty.3. Create some records in Table A (again, leave Table B empty for now)4. Create a script with a "Go To Related Records" step that goes to Table B using Table B's Layout, (check the box that says "Show only related records")5. For fun (not really) put a "Delete All Records" script step following the "Go To Related Records" script step. (Essentially, I want to clear out a portal for a given Table A record)  Expected ResultI'd expect that regardless of whether or not there are records in Table B that are related to A, it will take me to Layout B, then delete all records.  If there are no records, then obviously, nothing will be deleted but the script should still bring me to the related layout I specified. Actual ResultIn actuality, when there are no records in Table B related to the record displayed in A, it never goes to that layout, and the "Delete All Records" step deletes all records in Table A instead! Exact text of any error message(s) that appearedNone Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issueNone Any workarounds that you have foundSet up an If/Then that checks for related records before executing the "Go to Related Records" script step.