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Got a "Field is missing" error with cwp after converting fp7 file with fm12v2 but not if doing so...

Question asked by MaximePaquette on Jul 23, 2012
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Got a "Field is missing" error with cwp after converting fp7 file with fm12v2 but not if doing so with fm12v1


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 10.7.4

Description of the issue

I tested the conversion of a FileMaker 11 database used with php (FileMaker Server Advanced) using FileMaker 12v1 and everything was working fine.  I did the same thing, but converting with FileMaker 12v2 instead and I got a 102 error (Field is missing) when creating some related records.

In my case, the problem occur in a layout with a portal in it where I create some related records.  I recreated the layout, deleted the fields and putting it back, nothing changed.   After commenting a lot of php line, I think I got something, if the name of the field ( or a word in the name) start with an accented caracter, I got the error...

For example, those lines trigger the error (but only if converted with FileMaker 12.v2, not v1):
  $createPhotoPanier->setField('php_Panier et Archives::Mot de passe Étudiant Chaque Fiche', 'something...');
  $createPhotoPanier->setField('php_Panier et Archives::État', 'Préparation');

but if I change them for this (and change the fields name in FileMaker too), everything work fine:
  $createPhotoPanier->setField('php_Panier et Archives::Mot de passe Etudiant Chaque Fiche', 'something...');
  $createPhotoPanier->setField('php_Panier et Archives::Etat', 'Préparation');

There is no problem if there is an accented caracter inside the name of the field, like this:
  $createPhotoPanier->setField('php_Panier et Archives::Prénom', 'Test');          

I guess it have something to do with encoding or something.  And it probably occur when using a normal record (not a related one).

I just tried it with that particular database and didn't go further, worked all day on this before finding a workaround and had enough for now.  I'll do more test tomorrow.

Expected result

no error

Actual result

error 102


Change the field name