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Goto related record from a portal - Supreme annoyance

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Feb 18, 2010
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Goto related record from a portal - Supreme annoyance

Description of the issue

FM10  Windows XP/Vista Situation:  Portal with editable fields with one or more portal fields set up as a button to go a related record in a new window. Problem:  The user edits a portal record, then clicks the button to go to its related record and tries to edit the record.  He is greeted with the message that the record cannot be modified because the reord is being modified in another window. Current workaround #1:  Tell the user to click outside the portal before clicking a link (unintuitive and annoying)Current workaround #2: Create a script to perform the exact same steps as Go to related record. The script saves the portal row record ID, commits the record, the opens a new window and performs a findon the portal record ID (Lame.)  Suggestions: 1: Add an option to  Go to related record that allows the programmer to commit records first. 2. (***Even better***--saves a ton of programming for many situations :smileyhappy:) Create a script step that specifically allows a programmer to commit portal records and retain the current location in that portal.