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Graphic bug when scrolling

Question asked by rowie718 on Sep 8, 2009
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Graphic bug when scrolling

Description of the issue

I have what appears to be a graphic bug in FM Pro 9 v3. I am running Mac OSX 10.4.11 on a PPC G5. The DB I am using is a table view with a popup menu as one of the fields. If a certain record's popup field is selected currently, and you scroll up the screen and then back down, the popup field of the record that was at the bottom of the screen when you ended scrolling up and began scrolling down will now show the value of the selected records popup field. Sometimes you have to repeat this motion a few times quickly to get the effect. If you click on the affected record, without even touching the popup field, the graphics will correct itself and snap back to the correct value of the field. Also, if you select the popup menu of the affected field while it is still showing the incorrect value, the check mark will be on the correct value, and as you let go, the graphic display of the value will be corrected. If its relevant at all, the popup field is populated by a value list that displays 2 values from a related field, but has the "Show values only from second field" checkbox checked. Thanks for any feedback or help you can offer with this.