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    graphics bug



      graphics bug

      Description of the issue

      i have recently upgraded my NVIDIA GEForce 7300 GS  graphics driver to version 190.62. after this upgrade my Filemaker Pro 9.0v3 database layout screens were all scrambled on opening a database, mainly with backgrounds not filling in properly. if i changed to another layout the previous screen graphics was showing through. i could clear the problem by switching to layout mode then back. i fixed the problem by restoring back to my state prior to the graphics driver upgrade but this has another font problem (which is why i upgraded). no help from the support at NVIDIA so far? my OS is Windows XP sp3 would appreciate any help to fix this?     

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          Thank you for your post.


          I'm not sure how I can help.  No issues have been reported with a specific NVIDIA graphics driver.


          Just in case FileMaker Pro became corrupt, try uninstalling and reinstalling FileMaker Pro 9.


          Is this happening with all database files?  Just one database file?


          What is the font problem that the new graphics driver fixed?


          Anybody else have an NVIDIA GEForce 7300 GS graphics driver?



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            thanks for your reply.

            i haven't tried uninstalling and reinstalling Filemaker Pro yet. i will try that and let you know.

            i didn't test with other dtaabase files. i did a recover of the effected db but that didn't do anything nor did a repair of Filemaker through uninstall/remove files in windows control panel. i had to revert to the older driver version to continue to get my work done as this database is used constantly for my daily workflow and i don't have time to be messing around to try and make it work properly. if i get time i will try with new driver version and see if it effects other databases.


            the problem wasn't specifically with fonts. it just effected the whole page layout, losing most of the background fills but when a clicked between tabs the closed tab info was left superimposed on top of the new view so it was just a mess! it's very hard to explain.


            thanks for your input so far anyway.


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                 Similar story.  I have an nvidia GeForce 7950 GX2 /WinXP SP3 upgraded driver recently to 191.07_desktop_winxp_32_bit_english_whql.exe and now experience background colors that don't show up, or show up partially, and the show/hide status button makes the screen all jumbled and unreadable.
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                Thanks for your post.


                We are trying to search for this driver to see if we can duplicate the problem.


                Do you have access to another machine that you can test FileMaker Pro?  I'm trying to narrow down any possible factors other than just the Nvidia drivers.



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                  We are having the same problem. We have an nVidia GeForce GTX 260 video card. The latest nVidia drivers are what caused the problem. I had to uninstall and reinstall an older version.  The drivers I have now seem to work o.k. (, but anything after this causes the same display problems that were mentioned above. Moving the window and forcing a redraw seems to be a work around, but I shouldn't have to do this! Ideas? Solutions?

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                    I don't have the hardware needed to reproduce the problem, but my customers have told me that turning off certain graphics accelerations in Windows XP fixed the redraw glitch.


                    To dial down the hardware acceleration...

                    Start Menu --> Control Panel
                    Double-click the Display icon. (under Appearances and Themes in Category view)
                    Select the Settings Tab
                    Push the Advanced Button
                    Select the Troubleshoot tab
                    Dial back the slider for Hardware acceleration until it says "Disable all Direct Draw and Direct 3D accelerations..."
                    Push the Apply button.

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                      this seems to do the trick.

                      i have upgraded my nvidia graphics driver to the latest v196.21. without adjusting the hardware acceleration the redraw problem still occurred on opening a db, but was not as bad as before (just some parts of the background elements missing not a complete hash up?). switching layouts within the db fixed the problem so it wasn't a serious glitch anymore. not sure if opening a new db caused the problem again as everytime you change the graphics setting you have to reboot your computer and i've already wasted far too much time on this.


                      anyway, i stepped back the hardware acceleration (step by step) until the problem stopped altogether. as you suggested it was at the "Disable all Direst Draw and Direct 3D accelerations...." level. seems like a glitch in Filemaker that should be fixed as i would prefer to run my graphics card at the highest level?


                      thanks 'theTominator' for your solution.






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                        Is there any indication that this bug is fixed in FileMaker v11?


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                          i checked the list of new features/fixes for Filemaker v11 but could see no mention of this being resolved. i don't know they accept it as a Filemaker problem but a graphics card/Windows glitch?

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                            You could test this yourself by downloading the free 30 day trial copy of Filemaker 11 and see if it works any differently.

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                              This issue was not addressed in FileMaker Pro 11.  The problem I initially reported is still being investigated.



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                                Today I worked by phone with a user who experienced the graphics glitch under Windows XP SP3 and a FileMaker 10v3 runtime. Using the workaround of a previous post, dialing down the graphics accelerator settings fixed it.

                                I prepared a FileMaker 11v2 runtime for him to try with normal accelerated graphics settings.  He did NOT experience the graphics glitch using FM 11.

                                I had him double-check by running both the 10v3 runtime and the 11v2 runtime side-by-side.  The version 10 window showed graphics redraw problems.  The version 11 window was good.

                                From this one data point I am optimistic that the graphics redraw problem under Windows XP is gone in version 11v2.  (We didn't test the earlier version of 11.)

                                The test system was an eMachines brand box using on-board NVIDIA G4 6100 graphics with Direct X 90C drivers running.  The CPU was an AMD Athlon 64 at 2.2. GHz.  System software was Windows XP Home SP3.