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Graphics pasted onto layout/into containers in FM PRO show a "noisy border" in FM GO

Question asked by philmodjunk on Feb 17, 2014
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Graphics pasted onto layout/into containers in FM PRO show a "noisy border" in FM GO


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Description of the issue

If you copy an paste a bit mapped graphic from an image editor into a layout or a container field. The image looks fine when viewed in FileMaker pro (where the image was pasted), but shows a random pattern of black bits along the right and bottom edge of the image when shown in FileMaker Pro.

See attached image comparison screen shot.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create or open a bit mapped graphic in an image editor such as Windows Paint with a simple white background. Select and copy the image to the clipboard.

Go to FileMaker Pro and either paste the copied image onto a layout while in layout mode or into a container field while in Browse mode.

Then open the file on an iOS device using FileMaker Go 13 and view the pasted image.

Expected result

I wasn't necessarily expecting a crystal clear hi res image, but I was expecting that the image, when viewed against a white background, would not show any visible "border".

Actual result

The exact results vary from image to image, but a noticeable "fuzzy" border of black pixels shows along the right and bottom edges of the pasted graphic.

Configuration information

Using nothing more sophisticated than PNG images created in Windows Paint.


Insert the image instead of pasting it and there is no such "noisy border" in the inserted image. This, however requires creating a series of individual files cropped down to just barely "fit" the graphic. You can't create a series of button graphics in Paint and paste different graphics from the same file to use as buttons or other layout objects.