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Gridlines in Remote Desktop

Question asked by NYPoke on Jun 15, 2010


Gridlines in Remote Desktop

Description of the issue

Not sure if this a FileMaker bug or just an issue.  Seemed like the right forum though.  However, we are running Version 11 Client & Server.  Server on Windows 2003.  All clients are XP. Our office remote into HQ, using Terminal Services.  When we upgraded to Verions 11 (from Verion 6), we started getting Grid Lines in the Remote Desktop Sessions (FileMaker only).  When we go to Full Screen Mode, it usually goes away but not always.  Driving a few people buggy. Not just in the Terminal Services.  I can use Remote Desktop on any machine & get the same problem. Experimented with the Color Settings & the various options for Background/Themes.  Still happens when I get rid of all that/lower the colors.