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    Groups in FM Pro reports



      Groups in FM Pro reports


      FileMaker Pro



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      OSX 10.6

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      I am trying out FM Pro to see what kind of reports I can create.
      I created a simple inventory database and want to create an inventory report grouped by the field "item_type."  The report has a page break in the middle of a group.  The "item_type" only prints once at the beginning of each group.  Can I get the report to print the "item_type" again whenever there is a page break in the middle of a group?

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          Stephanie Rea:

          Thank you for your post.

          At this time, FileMaker Pro does not give you the ability to display the grouping field at the top of the page.  One possible workaround is to include the grouping field in the Header.  On the first page, include a Title Header that is blank so that it won't print the first grouping value twice.  The caveat with this approach is if the grouping does break cleanly at a page break as that will print the new grouping on the next page along with the field in the Header.

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