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GTRR behavior needs to be like it was in 6

Question asked by jbarnum on Aug 29, 2009
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GTRR behavior needs to be like it was in 6

Description of the issue

In FileMaker 3 through 6, if you do 'Go to Related Record' and there are no related records, it takes you to an empty found set in the correct destination layout. This seems to be like the obvious expected behavior. In FileMaker 7 and later, the behavior is to do nothing if there are no related records. This leads to nothing but problems. Can we please have the old behavior back? For example, if I want to delete all related records, I can't just do: GTRRDelete all records (no dialog) This could potentially delete every record in the parent table instead of the child. Sure, you can add an If IsEmpty() check around that, but this is a pretty serious problem that won't manifest in development (because you'll probably have related children records in testing). Furthermore, it's a pain in the butt if you want to actually take the user to the related table with an empty found set. You would have to do something like this: If( IsEmpty(related key) )Go to child layoutGo to first recordOmit multiple ( Get(FoundCount) ) ElseGTRREnd If  Conversely, if you want the 7+ behavior as it stands now, it's really easy, and much less prone to accidental mess-ups, just do the same If IsEmpty() check and then don't do the GTRR if the related field is empty.