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GUI bug in the relationship graph

Question asked by obeechi on Oct 25, 2008
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GUI bug in the relationship graph

Description of the issue

Using FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, with 35 tables, and with 35 clusters of table occurrences in the Relationship Graph, where each cluster is occupying the full width and height of a MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop with Leopard 10.5.5, and there is space between each cluster that is on average about the height of the screen, though sometimes less (so as I scroll down I can see a blank space right about the time that the edge of one cluster leaves the screen another cluster then appears.), at about the the 26th cluster, the print is missing within the table occurrences. If I drag a cluster with the print missing, upwards, the print will appear just above the cluster where each line is layered on each other (so its all on  one line but not yet within the table occurrences). Then as I keep on dragging the same cluster upwards, the print will roll back onto the table occurrences of the cluster. If I then drag the cluster downwards, the print rolls back off again.  I've tried file maintenance (though really, there is no actual data yet), and I have closed the file, closed filemaker, rebooted the mac... et. I might have a lot of table occurrence clusters, but  I'm sure there are solutions out there that have more table clusters than me. (I try to sort them alphabetically by anchor, and it was during dragging them around that this started happening, at one point, before dragging, I can see all the print on all the table occurrences - the method of dragging when this graphic problem happened [clicking on table occurrence brings up the specify table occurrence like always, so that part functions alright]) was maybe a bit different -- I made several drags where I was adding empty space in the vertical middle of the graph equal to about as many screen height's I wanted to maintain between each of the clusters that where then too close. So I created a vastly large empty middle. When I dragged up clusters, they regained their print in the roll back on fashion described above, but its as if I've hit a certain line, and I'm left with the 9 or so clusters that are empty of print in the relationship graph. I can bring them up and the print will roll back on, but then they'll be overlapping the other clusters