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GUI bug with FMP server 9

Question asked by pat_pai on Jan 12, 2009
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GUI bug with FMP server 9

Description of the issue

Good day everyone, This is a weird error im geting when using the remote website connectivity link in order to open my GUI server interface. Hope this makes sence, here we go:I'v got FMP SERVER on one box and my PC on another.- I use the Website link approach to the Server using this:       http://ServerName:16000/?page=launch&install=single- And then press the start button- i then get connected to the GUI server manager interface.- And as soon as i press any of the categories on the left hand side like: databases- i get error message: Admin Server Connection error: An unknown error has occured.- and it boots me out of the GUI interface. If i go directly to the server and activate the GUI interface all is well.I only get that when i use the web link approach. And it used to work just fine. Anyone know of a way i could fix this litle problem? Thank you very much.