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Hang (spinning rainbow) when using Insert File

Question asked by anothersmurf on Feb 18, 2015
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Hang (spinning rainbow) when using Insert File


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Description of the issue

***This issue affects FMP13 client and Server in combination, but does not affect either product alone. See below.

With port 443 closed (by firewall) on the FMP13 Server, a FileMaker 13 client using the Insert File script step, or choosing Insert File when control-clicking on an internally-stored container, results in a long hang (spinning rainbow).

Your documentation indicates that 443 is required for externally stored containers only. But if I open 443 on the server, the Insert File operation (internally-stored container) no longer hangs.

If using FileMaker 12 client to perform the same operation (to the same DB on the same server, 443 closed), the operation completes quickly, without hanging.

If using FileMaker 13 client to perform the operation on a FileMaker 12 Server (with 443 closed), the operation completes quickly, without hanging.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Host a database with from a FMP13 Server. Use a firewall to block port 443.

Using FMP13 Client, create an internally-stored container field in the DB & put it on a layout. Control-click on the field. Choose Insert File. Select a PDF. Look at the pretty spinning rainbow. Eventually the operation completes.

Expected result

The operation should complete without hanging.

Actual result

There is a long spinning rainbow before the operation completes.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Port 443 is closed by firewall on the server.


Downgrade to FMP 12 (client or server), or open port 443 on the server, or use Insert Quicktime instead of Insert File. (Insert Quicktime works as expected even with 443 closed.)