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Having a tab control outside the body part causes invalid XML in the DDR

Question asked by nickorr on Apr 18, 2011
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Having a tab control outside the body part causes invalid XML in the DDR


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.6

Description of the issue

There are situations where having a layout that has tab control objects in parts other than the body ( ie footer or header ) cause the DDR to output invalid XML around the tab control objects.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I haven't been able to reproduce this from scratch, although I have a sample file that is reduced to just a single layout with a single tab control on it.  Copying or duplicating the object retains the corruption in the DDR.  However, moving it from the footer into the body of the layout fixes the issue without having to alter the object at all.

Also the recovery process doesn't report any issues and doesn't make any modifications and nor is the problem fixed.

I've seen this in multiple files and I'm not sure what the common thread is, it may just be that it's created in an older version.  I've tried creating the file in 10 and 11 and it doesn't seem to be repeatable, but it is happening often enough to cause issues for some people.

Expected result

The DDR should always be valid.

Actual result

It's missing a closing Tab Control node, and so is invalid.  When as part of a larger solution it is difficult to track down and locate.


At the moment the only workaround is to locate the actual issue within the XML and then delete any tab controls from the layout and then recreate from scratch.

I have sample files I can send to show the issue.