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Having Drop-down boxes over-ride each other

Question asked by pademo57 on Jan 25, 2011
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Having Drop-down boxes over-ride each other


FileMaker Pro


11.0 v2

Operating system version

Windows Vista

Description of the issue

Yes, I am a newbie to Filemaker and I am transitioning from MS Access and can't figure out how to do this in FMP 11.

I have 2 tables Student and Classes.  Because they are Many-to-Many relationship I also have a Stud_Class table as shown below:

Students >--Stud_Cour --< Courses

Our Administrator wants us to have a form which displays the Student information and a portal which shows the Courses the student wants to take using a Drop-Down box.  The Courses have a Course Number, ex. MAT001 and a Course Name, ex. MATH 101.

What she wants to be able to do is click on the Course Number drop-down box and select a Course Number and it automatically fills in the Course Name.  She also wants to be able to click on the Course Name drop-down box and have it update the Course Number box.  I know this overrides the other drop-down box but that is what she wants.

Can somebody help with this please?