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Help file shows incorrect example in Find Matching Records

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Apr 25, 2012
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Help file shows incorrect example in Find Matching Records


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Description of the issue

In the Find Matching Records Help entry, we are given the following example for Find Matching Records (Extend)

"The following script adds to the current found set all records in the database that contain data values that match data in the active Product Name field. In this example, if the active field contains the text string “shoes,” this script expands the found set to include orders for coats and shoes placed on 10/10/2013.
Find Matching Records [Extend; Products::Product Name]"

From my own experience, the script will expand the found set to coats placed on 10/10/2013 and shoes placed on all dates, not just 10/10/2013 (this is how I expected the Expand option to work)

Steps to reproduce the problem

In Help,

Home > Reference > Script steps reference > Found Sets script steps > Find Matching Records