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    Help! File Sharing



      Help! File Sharing


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      I am attempting to simply share a file between two users; me and someone else. I set-up the file, so does that automatically make me the Admin? So I clicked the button to "share" the file, went on the other persons computer and clicked "share" on her system. What else do I need to do so we can both access the file at the same time with full access?

      Expected result

      Two people share the the same file at the same time with full access.

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          A "button" to share the file?

          With the file open on your computer, select Sharing | FileMaker Network.

          Click Network Sharing: On

          Select your file in the list shown below this radio button by clicking it.

          Then Click "All Users".

          Your coworker need not access this section at all.

          With your file open on your computer, other users on your local area network should now be able to access your database by launching fileMaker and using Open Remote. This option opens a dialog that should list all computers on the network, with FileMaker Launched that have sharing turned on. Click such a "host" computer and any files open on that computer that have sharing enabled as I described above should appear in a list so the user can select and open the database file on their computer.

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