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    Hidden Title Bar in Snow Leopard



      Hidden Title Bar in Snow Leopard

      Description of the issue

      Using FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 on Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard, periodically, but on a random basis, when the open database's window gets rendered, (following an event such as a search or switching between windows), the window moves location so that its Title Bar (containing the traffic light buttons, Title, various buttons, and the Toolbar Disclosure button, etc.) becomes hidden (or not rendered) behind the Apple Menu Bar at the top of the screen. The Button Bar immediately below the Title Bar is always hard up against the underside of the Apple Menu Bar, even though the window was previously floating free. This means it is impossible to drag the window back to where it was, and you cannot tell if the Title Bar is present behind the Apple Menu Bar or not. Pressing Option/Command/T has no effect other than to cause a beep, implying an invalid action. The only cure is to select the Apple Menu Bar/Window/Tile Vertically menu option, and manually resize the window. When the database has its Title Bar hidden, opening a second different database causes the first one to be rendered correctly. It may not be relevant, but the problem databases started life as FileMaker Pro 5 databases, and were recently imported into FileMaker Pro 10. I have not tried new Pro 10 Databases to see if they have the bug.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I have not seen this problem before.  I know the random problems are difficult to diagnose, but if you do find some consistency, please let me know, and I will try to replicate the problem here.


          It is possible the FileMaker Pro 5 file translated to FileMaker Pro 10 carried over some information.  Therefore, try to recreate the file in FileMaker Pro 10 and see if the problem persists.


          You can also try to Recover the file by closing the file, pulling down the File menu and selecting "Recover...", and selecting the problem file.  The Recover command is not a complete solution, but it may provide some clues and a good starting point.


          Please continue to keep me posted.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I have this problem occur quite often. FMPA 10v3 and Snow Leopard. I fix it by scripting window positions OnLayoutLoad but that only determines the initial position. A quick fix is to show then hide Status ToolBar. This qualifies as a bug in my opinion.



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              Thank you for your suggestions.


              I opened the problem database and restored it to a new copy. Since I did that, the new copy has not exhibited the problem. Interestingly, I decided to run the problem (unrestored) database in parallel for a few days, and it no longer exhibited the problem either, even though it had apparently not been changed, other than by normal use.



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                Perhaps this will help the FileMaker team track down this bug ... I can easily reproduce this using the following steps/details:


                1. Open a FileMaker window

                2. Position the window so that it is NOT snapped to the Apple menu bar at the top of the window; even just 1 or 2 pixels away should suffice.

                3. Switch to another application, e.g., Safari.

                4. Double-click on Safari's Title Bar to minimize.


                PRESTO! You should now see the FileMaker window jump up and its Title Bar is now behind the Apple menu bar.


                This method works 100% of the time for me ... so much so, that if I don't want to lose the FM title bar I simply make SURE that the window is snapped tightly to the Apple menu bar and/or I avoid double-clicking to minimize other app windows.


                Hope this helps.


                Allan Shearer


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                  Allan Shearer:


                  Unfortunately, following your steps do not exhibit the same problem on my Mac running OS X 10.6.2.


                  Do you have any other applications open besides FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 and Safari (4.0.4 on my machine)?


                  Any other information you can provide about your system would be helpful.


                  RickWhitelaw: If you follow the above steps, are you able to replicate the problem?



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    I just tried the steps and that's exactly what happened . . . first try! I hadn't traced this behavior before. I can replicate this, but just the once. I just tried it five more times and it didn't happen.

                    After the first time I did a show/hide status to get the FM title bar visible again, which is what I always do when this happens.




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                      Hi TSGal


                      Thanks for your help.


                      OK, indeed, with a little more testing I've found that it's not so obvious. So, I think I've found a solid way (hope hope!) to get you to easily duplicate this.


                      (fyi, OS 10.6.2, FMP Advanced 10.0v3 ... and this is all that is running now to duplicate this)


                      1. Close ALL programs.

                      2. Start FMP (do not open any files).

                      3. In FMP, create a new 'UNTITLED' database ... and simply click 'OK' at the Manage Database window to leave it blank.

                      4. (Here's the KEY step) Move the FMP window down so that the bottom of the window lays UNDER the Dock at bottom of screen (maybe important to first make sure you Dock is at the bottom and not at the sides - AND, make sure your Dock is not auto-hiding).  Make sure the FMP window isn't off the bottom of the screen ... just 1/2-way behind the Dock is all necessary.

                      5. Open a Finder window from the Dock.

                      6. Double-click on the Finder title bar to minimize it.


                      PRESTO (well . . . I hope!)


                      You should see the FMP window jump UP.


                      OK, granted, its title bar is not behind the Apple menu bar, but still, this behaviour is the same (I'm quite sure).


                      Yes, I can get my FMP title bar to fall behind the Apple menu bar, but evidently there's more to it than the obvious steps above.  I'm hopeful that this behaviour is the very same problem - fix one, and you fix both. (hope hope)   ;)



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                        OK ... to get the Title Bar to fall behind the Apple menu bar, using the 'basic' steps from my last posting (e.g., with an UNTITLED database), do this:


                        1. Turn OFF the Status Toolbar.

                        2. Resize/position the UNTITLED database window so that it is the max height possible - that is, the top-most being at the bottom of the Apple menu and the bottom-most being at the top/above the Dock (again, assuming your Dock is not auto-hiding).  Great.  Got it?  Now the next step is KEY ...

                        3. MOVE this window so the bottom falls behind the Dock ... but, NOT off the bottom of the screen.

                        4. Open a Finder window from the Dock.

                        5. Double-click to minimize the Finder window.


                        NOTE: you need not perform step 5 if you already have a Finder window minimized in the Dock ... since, after you perform step 4 the minimized window will reappear and the result we're looking for will now occur.  But ... if it doesn't, move on to step 5 and that *should* do it.


                        Hope this helps.



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                          Allan Shearer:


                          Got it!


                          Thanks for taking the time to document this further.  I have forwarded this information to our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  If any additional information becomes available, I will let you know.



                          FileMaker, Inc.