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High CPU load with FileMaker 10

Question asked by patrick.risch on Jan 30, 2009
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High CPU load with FileMaker 10

Description of the issue

ProblemActivating a custom menu will bring up the cpu load to about 70-90% on a windows computer. This behaviour is with our custom solution file (created under V7) and also with the FM business sample. It does not affect all windows computer, but there are more user with the same problem. see link: German FileMaker Magazin Our affected windows computer: Intel Centrino Core2Duo (T7500) @2.2 GHzRAM: 2038 MBWindows Vista 32 BitGraphic: Intel 956 Express Chipset SolutionsDe-activating the custom menu will reduce the cpu load a normal load.  NoteThe same behaviour was under V9 when custom menus where activated and the toolbar where shown. Removing the toolbar did solve the problem, while the custom menus could stay visible.