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    hosted databases not visible/accessible after new install



      hosted databases not visible/accessible after new install

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 Operating System(s) involved:Mac 10.5.6 Detailed description of the issue:I have installed FileMaker Advanced 9 on a computer that properly runs FileMaker Advanced 8. On two servers I run FileMaker Server 9 and Filemaker Server 8 and host about a dozen databases each. These databases are visible and accessible by FM8 on my PowerBook and on many other machines in my network. However, after the fresh install of FM9 this new version cannot remotely open the files hosted by FMS8 or FMS9.Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Remote open ...2.  Enter fmnet:/hostIPaddress/filename Expected Result:The database will open.Actual Result:An error message appears:'File.fp7' cannnot be opened. Either the host itself or the file on the host are not available (translated from German) Comment:As pointed out above, the message is false. For the old version (FM8) the files are accessible.Entering the hosts first will not make FM9 show the list of the databases. 

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          It's difficult to determine what is the cause, but since 8 works on the same machine, you may have a bad server.pem file.  Quit out of FileMaker Pro 9 and go to another machine that also has FileMaker Pro 9 installed.  Copy the server.pem file and then copy it onto the machine that is having the problem.


          The server.pem file is found by right/control-clicking the application, Show Package Contents, Contents -> MacOS.


          Once copied, then relaunch FileMaker Pro 9 and see if you are able to access the file.



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