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    How can I link to a specefied record



      How can I link to a specefied record


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      I want to make it possible to send an e-mail to a colleague, who is also using the same database with filemaker, with a shortcut/link of a specified record in a specified layout. Can I, an if yes, how can I make or compose a link/shortcut?

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          This part of the Forum is intended for reporting possible bugs encountered while Using FileMaker Pro, Server or GO. This question would be better served if asked in the FileMaker Pro forum instead of Report an Issue.

          Simplest solution would be to upgrade both yourself and your colleague to FileMaker 11. You could then save a "snapshot Link" and send it to your collegue as an attachment. This link file can then be opened by your collegue and it will open to the found set, current record, layout etc. that was current at the moment you created the link.

          Without 11, this would require some scripting to export a record's serial name and layout name or number to a  text file that your collegue then clicks a button to start a scrip that imports this data into a table. The same script can then access the imported data to go to the specific layout and find the specific record you want your collegue to see. The more possible tables/layouts involved in this process, the more difficult to implement your script becomes.