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How do subcategories to a filed, in a database that already exsists

Question asked by CarolynLoton on Jun 8, 2011
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How do subcategories to a filed, in a database that already exsists


FileMaker Pro



Description of the issue

We are a small marketing consulting firm. We currently have a database on FM pro with ALL our contacts. we would like to have a field called "category" so that we can indicate the relationship ie. Education, Consulting, Supplier. Almost like a "how we meet this contact". Under categories we have sub categories that for each of these, that is built into the field. So with current contacts and future contacts we can add these in easily.


Education, the two subs would be "institution", and "in house"

Consulting, the three subs would be "opportunity", "Qualified" and "Client"

Suppliers, the two subs would be "Current" and "potential"

This would all be in the one field and would allow us to search by category contacts we need. the way a filter works in excel.

We already have a database going and would prefer just to add this in rather then start a new database all together

Steps to reproduce the problem

We have tried adding relationships to create this. however, unsuccessful. we have created a scroll down menu of these sub categories however cannot get it on the same database, or within a field. using the scroll down menu has also meant that the category and subcategory show up separately rather then in the same field