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How to cancel Auto-login into Filemaker

Question asked by JordeeLawrence-UCI on May 1, 2014
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How to cancel Auto-login into Filemaker


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Description of the issue

Hi, I have a machine in my office that once had filemaker on the machine, it was then deleted and moved to another machine but now we have purchased another licence and have re-installed filemaker on the machine.

previously when FM was on the machine someone had created an auto login. this auto log in still seems to be in effect. when i go to the file>options page the "open" tab is greyed out and doesn't have any auto log in details in log in box. I don't understand where else this auto log in is coming from.

I know that it is auto logging in as one of our other staff members as i amended some changes in a companies page and it tells us down the bottom who made the last changes.

If anyone can please assist me with figuring this out, it would be greatly appreciated.


Steps to reproduce the problem


All sections are greyed out and contain no information in them.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

"Your privileges do not allow you access...."