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    How to create a query



      How to create a query


      FileMaker Pro



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      Mac OS X (Lion)

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      I just moved from PC to Mac and imported an AccessI database of the membership of the local retired military officer club (using Excel as the import tool). I can't figure out how to do queries. Here's what I want to do:
      1. Using a Dues field (a year figure) show those who have 2012 in that field as 0pposed to 2011.
      2. Using a Service field (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps) be able to show just those from one of the services.
      3. Show just name, address, city, zip (4 separate fields).
      Membership changes (new, died, address change, etc.) occur all the time. After doing one of the above, I'd save as an Excel file to send to the Board members.

      I'd appreciate any help. I'm brand new to FileMaker so would like specific instructions.



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          1) Enter find mode by clicking the Find button. Type 2011 into the dues field. Perform the find by clicking the "perform find" button and you'll get all records with 2011 in this field.

          2) Enter find mode. Enter or select Army in the service field. Perform the find and you'll get all records with "army" entered/selected in that field. (I used "selected" because such a field is often formatted with a value list for faster and more accurate data entry.

          If you enter find mode, enter 2011 in the dues field, then enter Army in the service field, you can find all records with a 2011 in the dues field and Army in the Service field.

          3) Create a layout that displays just the fields you need to see. What you describe might be a labels type layout for address or file labels. If so, you'll find there's an option for creating such when you use new layout to create the layout. You can perform your find on this layout if it has the fields you need for specifying your search criteria or you can perform the find on a layout that does have these fields, then switch to the second layout. This will work as long as the exact same name is selected in the "Show Records From" drop down found in Layout Setup...


          PS. You've posted this question in a part of the forum reserved for reporting possible bugs with the software. If you post future questions in the FM Pro Forum (See tab at top of this screen), you'll get faster responses and responses from more people.