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    How to go to a record on a list layout from script



      How to go to a record on a list layout from script


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      is there a way to go to a record on a list layout with a script?

      I have a list layout on a given table. I know the record id, and I want to activate this record. I been trying several commands, but I haven't found the way.

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          This part of the forum is intended for reporting possible software bugs. To get assistance with a question on how to use FileMaker, please post in the FM Pro Forum (see tab at top of this screen).

          Posting here isn't a big deal really except that you will receive assistance much more quickly in most cases, if you post in the correct location.

          It is possible to go to a specific record in your list view, but the details will depend on your found set and what you mean by "recordID". Is this an auto-entered serial number from a field in the table? the value returned by Get ( RecordID ) ? Are the records in your found set sorted in a particular order?

          The basic method will be to set up a loop that starts with the first record in your found set and goes from record to record until the record with the matching "RecordID" is the current record. But sometimes there are simpler/faster methods such as Go to Related Records, but this requires specific details in terms of relationships and your data that may not exist in your file.

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            Thanks for your answer.

            For RecordID I mean the field _kp_id of the record, but I also tried with the FM RecordID. The problem is that when I sort the table and make a find to show only a group of records, the table loose the actual record and go to the first record in the found set.

            I will try with the loop method you explained.

            I beg you perdon for posting in the wrong forum. When I posted the issue I thought I was posting to the FM Pro Forum. Maybe the interface of the forum need a little rethink, for having clear where you are posting.

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              It is easy to "get lost" in this forum.

              We (modman and I--modman is the manager at FileMaker Inc responsible for this forum) have made numerous suggestions to the RightNow programmers that they need to modify the design so that it is not so easy to get Lost. On the other hand, you had to click a link named "New Issue Report" and the next screen starts with this text:

              Report an Issue is for bug reports.

              If you have a question about how to use a FileMaker product, please post that question to one of the other forums (FileMaker Forum, FileMaker Server Forum or FileMaker Go Forum) that have been set up for that purpose.

              All changes made in an effort to help folks know where they are.

              Here's a "no loop" method or making a specific record the current record:

              Define this relationship:

              YourTable::gGlobalField = YourTable 2::_kp_id     (YourTable 2 must be a second occurrence of YourTable)

              Then you can use: Set Field [Yourtable::gGlobalField ; YourTable::_pk_id ] before your script changes the focus to a different record and then when you are all finished, you can use:

              Go To Related Record [ From table: YourTable 2; Using layout: <current layout>]

              and this will jump the focus back to the original record. (Note, this will change your found set to include all records if the specified record is no longer part of the current found set.)

              There are also ways to use a different window or a layout based on a different occurrence of your table to process, sort, find records and then your script returns to the original table or window when finished and then your found set will be left unmodified by the script's actions.