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How to install the training material

Question asked by GreyOldMan on Aug 7, 2012
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How to install the training material


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Description of the issue

Don't know how to install the training material.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It must be my age. (see user name!)

I've downloaded the electronic FTS (FileMaker Training Series) for FileMaker 12 and received my installation keys.

The download completed correctly, so the dmg thinks its downloaded in its entirety, but there's no installer to continue the process.

Expected result

As per the instructions,
(for Mac OS X downloads: Once the file has been successfully downloaded, double-click the disk image to begin installation.)
I've double-clicked on FTS_12.0.1_English.dmg and a new Finder window opens with 3 pdfs, 16 folders and that's it.

I was expecting an install routine that would prompt for an install location and at some stage prompt for the keys. but I'm puzzled as to what I'm supposed to do with the dmg now.

Actual result

There's nothing in the FTS for FileMaker 12 window to run the install routine, just the pdfs and folders. Also I am not being prompted for the admin name and password to allow an install.

From Get Info:
Kind: Disk Image
Size: 771.1 MB on disk (771,062,406 bytes)

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