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    HOW to remove dependency to Bonjour



      HOW to remove dependency to Bonjour


      FileMaker Pro



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      win 2003

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      We have a client-server FileMaker app. How to get rid of Bonjour? this article http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7097 says we need to enter IP address for remote database if we donot install Bonjour. this looks like refering to the client side, how about server side? how to do that? can any one show me the steps here?

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          What do you gain by making this change?

          As I understand it, removing Bonjour means that you no longer see a list of open databases when you use Open Remote on a FileMaker client to find and open a hosted database--thus requiring you to enter an IP address or similar such explicit file name and location in order to connect to the hosted database.