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    how to round up numbers (not to 0,5)



      how to round up numbers (not to 0,5)


      FileMaker Pro


      FM Pro 14

      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      FileMaker "rounding" function is set to round up numbers to 0,5
      This means that 110,221 is rounded up to 110,22 and 110,226 is rounded up to 110,23.
      I want 110,221 to be rounded up to 110,23
      I'll appreciate your help very much!

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I have tried to use the "Arrotondamento" function (I have the Italian version and guess it it correspond to a "round" function in English)
      but of course it does not work.

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          Rossella Spangaro:

          Thank you for your post.

          The Ceiling function will round a number up to the next integer.  Therefore, assuming your field is named "Amount", the formula would be:

          Ceiling ( Amount * 100 ) / 100

          Using your example of Amount = 110,221
             Ceiling ( 110,221 * 100 ) / 100
             Ceiling ( 11022,1 ) / 100
             11023 / 100

          Let me know if you need additional clarification.

          FileMaker, Inc.